Due to the recent surge in COVID cases and the uncertainty that goes with it, we are forced to adapt and prepare ourselves for all possible scenarios. We have therefore decided to make the meeting hybrid.
This implies that there will still be a physical meeting that will take place in maximally safe conditions but there will also be the option to follow the meeting virtually
We would like to emphasize that the physical meeting will take place in maximally safe conditions:

  • use of Covid Safe Pass and mask is mandatory within Dolce
  • the meeting will take place in a large space with plenty of room
  • there is a limit of 100 physical attendees
  • lunch will take place seated, per six persons, at large round tables
  • there is very effective anti-covid ventilation

Since we would like to know who is coming physically ad who will follow virtually, we would like to ask everyone to fill out the registration form again (even if you already registered – the form has been changed to include an extra option).

As stated, we are limiting the number of physical participants to 100 on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

Registration can be done by clicking this link

Register for the 2021 hybrid symposium