Epileptic seizures have been definitely recognized as one of the major problems in brain tumor patients, significantly affecting health-related quality of life.

Antineoplastic treatments (surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy) are increasingly recognized as effective not only for tumor control but also for seizure control. On the other hand, treatment with AEDs can be challenging due to multidrug resistance, adverse side effects and potential interactions between AEDs, chemotherapy, and steroids.
In the absence of evidence-based data, the choice of AED medication is often based on physician preference, which may lead to heterogeneous approaches.
While the multidisciplinary management of a patient with brain tumor is well established, little is known regarding how epilepsy is managed in the different European institutions and Countries.
For these reasons a survey has been launched to collect information on both use of AEDs and organization of care in European Countries.
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The survey can be found at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6KBRJXH it will take you only 8 minutes to answer it.

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